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Thermal center

  /  Thermal center

Mud therapy
and thermal treatments

Our Hotel has a Thermal center for mud-balneotherapy and inhalation therapies, overseen by a specialist doctor and staffed by expert personnel.

In our Thermal center
From November to April it is possible to do “fango” muddings in the afternoon as well.
In hotel you can rent robes and pool towels, and also opt to give us your robe for weekly washings.
The guests who did not request in advance can also do a “fango prova” by booking it directly at the hotel (for two nights-minimum stays).

Our Thermal Center offers a large range of treatments,

Mud therapy

Application of thermal mud on the body

Bagno termale con ozono

Thermal bath

The body immersion in thermal water at a temperature of 36-38 ° C.

Inalazioni Abano Terme

Inhalation therapies

Inhalations, Aerosols and micronised nasal douche

massaggio rilassante

Therapeutic massages

Therapeutic and decontracting massages.

Mud and Balneotherapy

Before starting treatment, the guest must undergo a mandatory medical check-up.

It is a meeting with our health director who, after verifying the guest’s state of health, prescribes a course of treatment suitable to their pathology. The doctor indicates to the health personnel the precise type and the number of therapies to carry out, the temperature of the mud and thermal baths, the duration of the application, and possible areas of the body that must not be subjected to the mud (for example if the patient has capillary problems).

reparto cure

The application of thermal mud on the body:

  • A member of the staff applies a 5-10 cm layer of mud on the guest, scrupulously following the doctor’s instructions, and then covers it with a towel and a blanket, to keep the mud warm and encourage sweating. The length of exposure is approximately 20 minutes.
  • After a quick shower to rinse off in thermal water, the guest is immersed for 8-12 minutes in a bath filled with ozone-enriched thermal water between 36-38°C. This bath is located in the same room where the mud is applied.
  • The third phase consists of a relaxation period, during which the guest, in the warmth of his bathrobe, starts a sweating reaction induced by the mud therapy. The body lets go of the heat absorbed during the mud treatment. At least a half hour of relaxation is recommended.
  • Finally a reactive massage follows which reactivates circulation and it works to relieve tension in the connective tissue and muscles, still warm from the mud treatment, with a minor sensation of pain.

The therapeutic properties of our thermal waters

The water that streams from our wells is rich in beneficial mineral substances. It becomes enriched in the long subterranean path that starts in the subterranean basin of the Alpine foothills to finish, precisely, in our Euganean territory, flowing at a temperature of approximately 80°C.

The water is the foundation of the maturation and regeneration processes of the healing thermal mud, with recognized therapeutic and anti-inflammatory properties, whose effectiveness is guaranteed by a European certificate. The thermal mud is recommended for relieving physical and muscular pain, for reducing inflammation in the joints and treating osteoarticular pathologies.

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