The most vivid memories of a vacation happen during the great meals

And we do our best to fill you up with “tasty memories”! Our cuisine boasts using the most natural and highest quality ingredients, so that the flavors are naturally enhanced, and do not need to be overwhelmed with seasoning.

Hotel Terme Dolomiti
Hotel Terme Dolomiti


We like to use recipes passed down for generations

and we serve generous portions. We offer traditional Italian cuisine and we are proud to serve homemade pasta, lasagna and pizza that our regular guests know us for. It’s why they keep coming back!


Let’s talk about wine… and toast to good health!

Anna is a professionally trained Sommelier. She discovered how many stories a good glass of wine has to tell, from its place of origin to the love it was produced with. She is at your disposal to recommend the best pairings, based on your personal taste.


Periodically we organize guided courses, after dinner

to learn in depth about wine pairings with various ingredients (chocolate, cheeses, spices etc).

Hotel Terme Dolomiti
Via Cristoforo Colombo, 16 35031 Abano Terme, Padova - Italia
Tel +39 049 866 95 50 - Fax +39 049 863 01 54
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